HostingWorx™ offers a variety of plans to suit EVERY requirement. If you do not see a plan that fits your needs, please let us know.

A good way to evaluate your plan requirements will be to first determine the amount of disk space you will need and e-mail accounts.

Determining Disk Space: The average web page is approximately 30 to 50 KB. At 50KB, 50 MB will allow you to have 100 web pages in your site, depending onthe size of your images and extra files such as pdf’s and flash files that you make available from your site. Use this as a guide. Be realistic and buy what you need, do not pay for what you do not need. Remember you can always upgrade your plan at anytime during your billing period for more spaceotadditional features.

Determining E-mail Space: All our plans come with an Unlimited number of email accounts (mailbox’s) but keep in mind the amount of disk space required for all your users email that is waiting to be downloaded at a given time.  If you receive large attachments then please select a plan that would allow for this to avoid mailbox full messages being sent to those emailing you, remember you can always increase your plan and individual mailbox limits from your Control Panel. You do not have to use an e-mail account for each name you want to use. The HostingWorx™ system offers a “Catch-All” e-mail tool which allows you to have ANY e-mail address or name @ your domain, forwarded into a specific e-mail address. What this means is; if you do not have an e-mail address setup for “sales”, and your ‘catch-all is on, any e-mail messages to ‘sales’ will be forwarded to the e-mail address you specify on setup. This can also be helpful if someone were to type “sales” instead of “sales” @yourdomain.com, you would still receive the e-mail message.

The downside to using a ‘catch-all’ is that most of the spam engines will use any e-mail addresses listed on your site or put any name in front of your domain i.e. 123456abcde@yourdomain.com. This way any e-mail structured like this would still be forwarded through to you if the ‘catch-all’ was on.

UNIX or Windows: This is entirely dependant on your needs. If your pages are written in .asp, .aspx; Microsoft .NET features are used or require MS SQL database support then select a Windows plan.  If you plan on using Macromedia Cold Fusion MX then select from our Cold Fusion Plans. If you are using static html and MySQL database support then a UNIX plan would be fine.  Whatever your needs rest assured we fully support both Windows and UNIX accounts.


So, what do you think ?

Our Services

    Web Page Services
    With expertise in a range of CMS platforms such as Wordpress, Drupal and other leading names.

    We built our first store back in 2003 with osCommerce. Today we assist clients in many of the leading cart products such Loaded Commerce 7 with built-in Mobile and custom addon develepment.

    Onsite and Remote Computer Support Services
    We have expertise to be able to provide support for all your office computers, servers network and inter office needs - Give us a call today.
    Microsoft Certified since 1989

    Theme Modification
    Themes can give you a head start at times but many times php, html & css need to be modified we can do fast cost effective changes as you need.


Contact us

12 Frankston-Dandenong Road, Dandenong Victoria 3175


Call 1300 725 421
Fax: 03 9088 0210

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